Quilled Cards for Donation

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Recently, a friend asked me if I would make a few quilled cards for donation to bring to her twins school sale. They were selling plants and greeting cards to earn enough money for their classroom to purchase a new television and supplies. The schools in Romania don’t have enough funds to purchase these things so it is up to the students to help out.

I made three different quilled cards with flowers, hearts and a butterfly. I also made envelopes to fit the cards then decorated the cards and envelopes with colorful scrapbook paper.


I was happy to be invited to stay and volunteer with the class. We had a ton of homemade cards that the kids made and hundreds of plants that the kids have been growing since the beginning of the school year. They were able to make enough money for everything they wanted so it was a great day.

quilled-cards-for-donation-2     quilled-cards-for-donation-3

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  • I just spent a few minutes browsing your site. I love quilling. I am now following you thru Bloglovin. They said that I was the first person to follow you thru them. You really should put a bloglovin follow button on here. It has become the more popular way to follow. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you.

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