Quilled Heart Earrings : Tutorial

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On Valentine’s Day my husband and I went out with four other couples to celebrate. I wanted to wear something fun so I made these quick quilled heart earrings. They were reasonably fast to make and turned out so sweet. You could even wear these throughout the year for other fun events.

For the materials, I used 12 strips of quilling paper, red string, two knot covers, two jump rings, two earrings and clear drying glue.


For each of my heart pieces I needed two quilled coils so eight in total. To make the larger heart I used two strips of quilling paper glued together to make one long strip. Then I tightly rolled the strip of paper with my quilling needle. I like to hold my coils tightly between my fingers for a few seconds to help them hold their shape and not unravel too much when I let them go. I also like to use my circular ruler to measure each coil to make sure they are all the same size before gluing the end of the paper strip down. For the light pink hearts, I used one strip of quilling paper for each coil and measured them smaller than the dark pink coils.

quilled-heart-earrings-tutorial-9     quilled-heart-earrings-tutorial-2

After my coils were done, I pinched them all into a teardrop shape. Then the string was prepared by tying a triple knot on one side, sliding the knot into the knot cover and squeezing it shut.


On one side of each teardrop I added a little glue to one edge and allowed them to dry. This is to hold the coil in place so it doesn’t get pushed out through the teardrop. It will also keep the hearts sturdier.


To assemble the earring, I made sure my knot holder was facing forward and then glued on one light pink teardrop. Use a toothpick to rub the glue onto the teardrop from the bottom point to about 2/3 the way up. In the picture I already have the light pink  heart completed so you can see the process. You can see on the dark teardrop that the string should be placed in the middle of the coil so it doesn’t show through on either side when finished.

Then add a little glue to the other light pink teardrop and attach it to form the heart. Hold it in place for a few seconds until the glue dries. Then attach a dark pink teardrop the same way. At this point I cut off the end of my string so it ended about 1/8 of an inch from the end of the heart. Add glue to the other dark pink teardrop and hold that in place as well until it dries.


As I formed the second earring, I made it along side the first to make sure the hearts were at the same level. After they were dried completely, I attached the jump rings and earrings.

quilled-heart-earrings-tutorial-6     quilled-heart-earrings-tutorial-7

The earrings were fun to wear and dangled around nicely since the hearts were attached with string. Definitely a fun project for  Valentine’s Day!


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