Quilled Spider and Embroidered Pumpkin Halloween Card

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I’m lucky if I get a handful of trick-or-treaters each year since I live outside of the United States but I still love Halloween! Thankfully a friend of mine brought over her twins last year to help me celebrate. I have also been baking pumpkins non stop so I love carving Jack O’Lanterns. For this card, I had a clip art of the pumpkin so I outlined it onto card stock and hand embroidered it. I love finding different clip arts to turn into card embroideries. After I finished the pumpkin, I added it to the orange card and figured a scary spider would finish off the card nicely. I made two round coils for the belly and head of the spider then made six legs with a small coil on each end for the legs. Spooky!


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  • Piękna praca :) Pająk jest rewelacyjny!

    • Google translated that from Polish to “Beautiful work :) Spider is sensational!”.
      Dziękuję! (Thank you!) :)

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