Cross Stitch Owl Wall Hanging

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I have had this owl cross stitch pattern from X-Calibre Designs for years and have just gotten around to making something with it. Its the most fun pattern! I wanted to make a creative and colorful design so I made four of them in a row with variegated floss.


After I finished my four owls, I cut out the cross stitch and it ended up being 13.5 x46.5 centimeters. Then I cut out a piece of thick shiny canvas for the backing in the same size and basted them together along the edges.

owl-cross-stitch-2     owl-cross-stitch-3

I used Snuggle Flannel fabric for the bias binding. It is a little on the thicker side but it was the only fabric that I had on hand in the colors that I wanted. I have a a more detailed explanation of attaching bias binding around the corners in the quilt that I made.


I used about 150 cm for the bias binding. After I sewed it to the front of the owl design, I cut off the rest to use as the handle for the wall hanging.


To create the handle, I folded the bias binding piece in half and then sewed a small seam along both edges. To attach it to the design, fold over the bias binding that was sewn onto the front of the owls and pin in place. I slipped the handle into the edge of the binding at the top before finishing the binding seam.

owl-cross-stitch-6     owl-cross-stitch-8

I love the colorful design with this owl pattern! Each owl has so much character. I would also love to make a quilt using the owls as quilt squares.

owl-cross-stitch-9     owl-cross-stitch-10

owl-cross-stitch-11     owl-cross-stitch-12

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  • I LOVE CROSS-STITCH!!!!! I use to cross-stitch everything and then just put em away like you. Now that I’m on a fixed income, I can’t afford the cloth! I love your owls. Thank you for the great tutorial and the great idea!
    It was so nice when we actually had magazines to hold in our hands too!!!

    • Hello Jill,
      I’m glad that you liked it! I know what you mean about the cloth. I have found some during foreign travels at better prices and stocked up. Thanks for the comment:)

  • Elaine, I too LOVE Romania!!! Have been there 4 times on mission. Can understand why you’ve stayed (husband not withstanding! LOL) I REALLY like both this and the Hedgehog pillow (I’m a fellow hedgie lover!) I’m not a big cross-stitcher, but these two projects just may inspire me to try it again!!!

    • Hi Lora! Wow that is great! What cities did you go to? It is definitely interesting here with so much to explore. I’m glad you liked the cross stitch projects. Try some fun projects that you can finish quickly to start out with then you will get into cross stitching more without getting burned out. Thanks again!

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