Inside Security Pocket Tutorial

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I created these inside security pockets  because my husband and I travel a lot throughout the winter months. We wanted a few extra spaces to hide our wallets and valuables inside our winter coats. They were really fast to make and could easily be added to any coat or jacket with an full lining.


These pockets fit a large passport wallet plus an iphone or other necessities. I chose the material from my scrap fabrics but you could use anything that matches the jacket.

Supplies for one pocket: All seams are scant 1/4 inch. Finished pocket is 8.5 x 7″.

(1) 6.5″ zipper

(2) 2 x 1″ fabric pieces (zipper tabs)

(1) 8 x 7.5″ fabric piece (bottom)

(1) 1 x 7.5″ fabric piece (top)

(1) 9 x 7.5″ fabric piece (back)

First, finger press the zipper tabs in half with right sides out. Pin one of the zipper tabs to each end of the zipper and sew along the red lines. Trim the zipper up to the red line under the tabs being careful not to slice into the tabs.

inside-security-pocket-3     inside-security-pocket-4

Sew the zipper onto the bottom piece of fabric, right sides together. Turn the zipper up and sew the top piece to the zipper, right sides together.


Iron the seams then top stitch along the zipper edges. Open the zipper then sew the back piece onto the front, right sides together. Serge or zig-zag the seams and turn right side out.


Iron the pocket and top stitch all the way around it. Pin the pocket to the lining of the jacket being careful only to pin to the lining and not the actual jacket. Sew the pocket by hand all the way around the four edges and you are finished. Definitely a quick and easy sewing project!


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